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October 07, 2021

See all orders for an event

On the Event manager, click on Seats sold to see a full list of orders for that event. You can export these to your Mailchimp campaign or send an email from Vines OS for future similar events.

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October 07, 2021

Declined club orders on Revel - Change in process

Revel has made an update on version 2.70 where an order that has been sent to Revel can no longer be modified by the Vines OS connection. This means if you have a declined club order, and it is synced to Revel with the balance due, and THEN LATER is charged on Vines OS, the payment will not show on Revel.

If you are syncing declined club orders to Revel and still allowing members to update their cards, and reprocessing on Vines OS, we recommend:

Either 1) Ask us to help you set it up to NOT sync any declined, unpaid order to Revel, and you will capture the payment on Vines OS before giving the member the wine OR 2) Don’t reprocess an updated credit card for any order that is for pickup, and charge the customer when they are on site.

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October 07, 2021

Ecommerce updates

1. Set an item or a product category to No Shipping

You can now disable shipping for an individual product or an entire category of products, such as Spirits.

2. Restore inventory from fraud orders

For fraudulent orders, options have been added to cancel the order and restore or waste that inventory, without emailing the fraudulent buyer.

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October 07, 2021

Club Updates

Reminder: Special Club discounts: just announced, if you didn't already see it, check it out

1. Auto set club processing discounts

Set the club processing batch discount percent at the club level so you don't need to set it each time you run your clubs. On the Club manager page, set the Club Discount and it will pre-populate the discount field every time you create a new club release.

2. Staff Incentives to Sell Memberships

Include staff name field in wine club sign-up form. Learn how to incentive staff to signup new members. This includes a new section on the club signup form to allow the new member signing up to indicate who was helping them signup on site.

3. Member Benefits

Automatically set club level benefits such as complimentary tasting flights, or free glass of wine.

4. Member Reports

Member cancellation and acquisition information is accessible through the Insights page.

5. Slow loading Member pages fixed

Member records will now load more quickly. Member pages were being slow to load if you were using the automated Mailchimp API integration. We have put a fix in place to avoid this.

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October 07, 2021

Vines OS Point of Sale Updates and New Features

Automated Flights, Glass and Bottle Inventory on POS

A new streamlined menu includes Flights, Glasses, Bottles To Go and Bottles On Site, all under the main Wine tab. You can create a single items and have it automatically included as a glass, bottle, or taste/flight, with inventory updated as it sells. Learn more

Create Flights and track in inventory, to the flight/taste/glass/bottle

You can now build a Flight to sell on the POS, and include the wines you are pouring, or the wines the customer can choose to taste. As the flights are poured, the inventory is updated to the volume of the taste, such as .04 of a bottle. (You can also set it up to be free for members, with a restricted number of free, and option of additional discounted tastings after the free tastings.) Learn more

Create Glass sales and track in inventory

Easily set which wines are for sale as a glass, and include them on the POS, with discounts for members. As a glass is sold, the inventory will deplete by the set volume, such as .2 of a bottle. Member discounts are also automatically applied. Learn more

Bottle-to-Go and Bottle-on-Site pricing and inventory depletion

Set on the wine editor a separate price for Bottles to Go and Bottles on Site if you charge more for bottles consumed on site. Learn more

Set up member benefits, such as complimentary tastings for each club

Set clubs to have special perks like free tastings, which will auto-apply when you add a member to the order. Learn more

Configure discounts, member benefits and coupons based on new volumes

Various discounts, member benefits, and coupons can be configured to be applied automatically to POS orders based on flights, glass, or bottle. Learn more

Add member credit card on POS without a card swiper

You can now add a new customer or member on the POS and manually enter the credit card number for future use, with or without a card swiper. Just hit the Manual tab and enter the card.

Auto open the cash drawer on a cash sale

Once set up, when you do a POS cash tender and print the receipt, the cash drawer will pop open. Learn more

Edit items directly from the POS screen

When using the POS on a desktop computer (not ipad/tablet or mobile), you will see a pencil edit icon on the POS product menu. Clicking on the icon will take you directly to the product page where you can make edits.

Please let us know what features you would most like to see added. We are continuing to roll out new features weekly and value your feedback. Thank you!

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